May 05, 2013

Oil Catch Can, Welded Up

It took a few trips, but the catch can is all fried up!

I actually fell a few steps back after discovering that my spacing for the internal baffling put the bottom most disc right in the way of the oil drain fitting. This wouldn't had been a big deal, except for making the discovery after having the aluminum nuts tack welded into place. Needless to say, I was at least able to save the perforated discs. Another order with McMaster Carr later, and I had a new and improved version of the baffling - this time I opted to loctite the top nut into place, and eliminate the bottom nut by having the stem of the assembly welded to the base of the catch can. 

Over the course of two more trips I had the final pieces welded into place - a 1/4" NPT fitting for the oil drain, and a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket fixed to the catch can I fabricated myself, while the separate bracket pictured was laser cut and bent up in the batch a few posts below. I'm still going to do a little touch up sanding before both the oil catch can and the mounting bracket go off to the powder coater.

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