October 06, 2010

Getting this blog up to speed...


The name "Detail Junky" stems from my obsession with my car and all of the little things. The prior names for this build was "the high school budget build", a name that quickly went obsolete. The tallied investments have proved bank breaking but all of this progess wouldn't have been possible if I'd avoided pleading poverty every time I made a purchase. In retrospect I imagine I'd be a few steps behind if I'd been afraid to spend. When it came to spending I always shot (and shoot) for the best. When it came to working there was alot of cussing, an unhelpful Haynes manual, the forums, alot of common sense, and a very patient mentor (thanks to Dad). All of the headaches, the many stripped fastners, and other nightmares have contributed heavily to a never ending learning curve, something this car has been the absolute foundation of.

October 05, 2010

New home for "The Detail Junky" build...

Sixthsphere.com is going through some changes and I've decided to move my build to its own dedicated page. This will also give me a chance to reformat my build with easier access to information while providing better quality images (the quality of my current image host, photobucket, is awful).