April 08, 2013

Laser Cut Goods

I thought I'd throw up a quick picture of some laser cut pieces that just got delivered.

Everything was cut out of 11-gauge stainless steel with the exception of the bracket on the upper left, which is 1/8" aluminum. Generally I'll fabricate brackets (such as my oil filter relocation bracket) on my own, but my resources tend to confine me to aluminum (I also don't have a proper way to make bends). Since I was going to be using much harder stainless steel, it made more sense to outsource the work for accuracy and a more finished product. It was also a chance to utilize some of my education - the items pictured started out as cardboard templates that I redrew and refined in AutoCAD. I would like to thank Sixthsphere member coppertop_01 (Jeremy) for providing me with his services. I simply provided him with the drawing and he took care of the rest! As for what each piece is, I'm going to wait to tell as they reappear in future posts.

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