March 23, 2011

More Parts, Turbo/Manifold Mounted

The flow of parts is on the rise again. Friday my first order from Summit Racing showed with an order from ATP Turbo following on Monday. 

With my tax return and my summer job gearing up on the 14th (of next month) things are looking pretty good. Last night I took some time to button up the loose ends that were holding up final installment of the turbo/manifold assembly. First I got the oil feed/drain fittings bolted up with more ARP hardware. On the turbine I chased the threads in the five bolt holes for the exhaust outlet and screwed in some leftover ARP accessory studs. Afterward I mocked everything up so I could clock the turbocharger. Once I got everything where I wanted I pulled the unit one last time to unmask the exhaust ports and put an OEM exhaust manifold gasket in place. The five 12-point ARP nuts are all snugged down for the last time this round (hopefully).