June 15, 2012

AEM Air Filter

Not the most thrilling update, but a necessary detail.

When I designed my intake I mocked up an old oiled AEM filter that was sitting around with an unused AEM cold-air intake. Being that the filters location is in such a tight spot, it was useful not only in designing the route of the tubing, but in ensuring the hood would close. Satisfied, I went ahead and ordered a new dry filter of the same dimensions. When this dry-flow filter arrived I was disappointed to discover it was marginally larger than its oiled counterpart. A test fit confirmed that the first unit would not allow the hood to close without interference. So I went back to the catalog and did some digging around to find a filter that was approximately half an inch smaller in length and overall diameter. This actually worked out quite well as the new AEM dry-flow filter provides better clearance than even the oiled mockup filter. As an added bonus I kept the larger dry-flow filter for whenever I refurbish that AEM intake for the daily.