July 11, 2011


While waiting on material, parts, and welding I took care of a quick project. The backstory; I had been looking for a non-air-conditioning climate control unit for a very long time. I found one finally, in a very unusual place. 

Late last fall my Dad clued me in on a '93 SL2 being sold locally for mere pocket change so I decided it couldn't hurt to take a look at it. The car was pretty dirty and had suffered some cosmetic damage from a tree falling beside it, but it was only one owner with 179k on the odometer. Then I noticed that the HVAC unit was lacking the AC and air recirculation buttons. Strange for a twin-cam car, but it seemed like a good enough excuse to split the cost on another Saturn. Originally I thought maybe the car had somehow inherited an incorrect unit but, upon closer inspection, the car is lacking anything AC. This includes the compressor, lines, and even a non-AC bracket on the motor. To my knowledge this was only a situation on the base model Saturn SL's.