October 04, 2011

Cooling Solutions

This has been another project I've picked at over the summer. I've waited until it was wrapped up so it'd look like I'd at least gotten something done.

First was the secondary CTS for the MS2. General consensus was the area of choice was a flat spot atop the neck for the upper radiator hose. However I wasn't comfortable drilling/tapping the head while it was still in the car so I hemmed and hawed over a variety of solutions. After nickel and dimeing myself with an assortment of different adapters and tees (non of which fit where the two existing sensors reside) I started shopping around for an inline hose adapter to stick the sensor to. Disgusted by the $30.00+ average I then set out for the more cost effective solution of making my own. This ended up consisting of a bead-rolled 35mm aluminum hose joiner with a 1/8 NPT bung welded to it.