February 13, 2016

Oil Catch Can, Ready To Install

I brushed the dust off of this finished component for a photo-op. At long last, presenting the catch can in all of its powder coated glory.

I won't bore the audience by throwing even more text at this subject (for anyone just joining us, more information on the catch can is viewable in the "Preview" and "Welded Up" posts). Keen observers may notice that the filter has color shifted from white to red. As evidence of time lost during the project's hiatus, K&N started turning out their smaller line of filters with a synthetic media similar in color to AEM's "Dryflow" air filters. I would be lying if I claimed to have made the switch for any reason other than my intake and catch can matching.

Dry fitted are a pair of -10AN XRP 30 degree fittings. These will have to come off again to assemble the hoses routed back to the cam cover. I separated the finishes applied to the mounting bracket and catch can, opting for a smooth matte black on the bracket and a textured power coat on the catch can. I dug into my stash of ARP spares for a pair of M8 bolts to secure the bracket in place. Shown last is a closer look at the 90 degree drain valve sourced from 42 Draft Designs.

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