July 11, 2011


While waiting on material, parts, and welding I took care of a quick project. The backstory; I had been looking for a non-air-conditioning climate control unit for a very long time. I found one finally, in a very unusual place. 

Late last fall my Dad clued me in on a '93 SL2 being sold locally for mere pocket change so I decided it couldn't hurt to take a look at it. The car was pretty dirty and had suffered some cosmetic damage from a tree falling beside it, but it was only one owner with 179k on the odometer. Then I noticed that the HVAC unit was lacking the AC and air recirculation buttons. Strange for a twin-cam car, but it seemed like a good enough excuse to split the cost on another Saturn. Originally I thought maybe the car had somehow inherited an incorrect unit but, upon closer inspection, the car is lacking anything AC. This includes the compressor, lines, and even a non-AC bracket on the motor. To my knowledge this was only a situation on the base model Saturn SL's.

The only difference between this unit and any other is the lack of those two extra buttons. While completely unnecessary, for me it was a highly desirable (and apparently moderately rare) feature to complete my air-conditioning delete. Swapping the two was a quick job with a little downtime for me to detail the new unit going back into my car. It cleaned up great, the only spot of damage being a broken mounting tab on the upper left corner. The same spot is missing on the unit I pulled out of my car.

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